Personal Touch has a simple and straight forward approach to cleaning gutters.  We offer Our Customers a great price, an even better service and we Guarantee our work till the first rain storm.   We Clean your gutters like they are our own.
A Quality Service with a Personal Touch
Our Gutter Cleaning Service includes the following:
  • Blowing debris of the roof with a leaf blower or what can be safely reached using extension brooms.
  • A proffesional cleaning by hand & whisk broom.   Debris immediatley goes into a special container.
  • Downspouts will be cleaned in a few different ways, depending on debris in them.
  • All deris is neatly bagged or dumped on your property where ever you say.
  • All walkways, patios, decks, steps, driveways around house will be blown off.
We have over 20 years experience in Gutter Cleaning.     
The Owner-Operator Nick “Chief” Cherevas still believes in driving out to each new potential Customer to give a free estimate.   He will look over the gutters on your home or building, look at all the landscaping done just to make sure the gutter cleaning job can be done SAFELY.   Safety will always come first.   If he feels the job cannot be done safely, then he will let you know and try to recommend another company.
We specialize in Residential Homes, Apartment Complex, Condos, Retirement Communities, Commercial Buildings and Anything else that has a Gutter on it.    Regular gutter cleaning is highly recommended.
Gutter-cleaning-Cary-NCclogged gutter 1
We do install gutter covers but we don’t recommend it:
We will only install covers if the Customer REALLY wants them.  The Truth of the Matter is that most covers made don’t work great.  They just make cleaning the gutters more difficult, not to mention having to charge the customer considerably more money because we have to remove the cover, clean it and clean the gutter, then re-install the cover.   Plus many covers cannot be removed without causing various amounts of damage to them.  We are always removing all kinds of gutter covers because “They don’t do the job they were intended to do.”
There are many types of gutter covers to high tech bolt-on systems on the market.   Most the cheaper ones ($3-5/foot to install) are simply a waste of your money.   Now there are some that do work.   They are metal ones and can cost $12-$20/foot to install, but the gutters need to be fairly new or in very good condition in order for the covers to work well.   Of course, there are other systems that do work and you would have to replace all your gutters.   Those systems will run you many thousands of dollars.   

  • Your best bet would be to have Personal Touch Gutter Cleaning come out at least once-a-year to clean your gutters. 
  •   Most Home owners choose to have their gutters cleaned twice-a-year.
We also love Dogs and come prepeared with Scooby Snacks….!!!!
Personal Touch Gutter Cleaning is proud to serve ALL of Buncombe County, NC :
  Ridgecrest  Sandy Mush  Skyland  Swannanoa  Weaverville