Purpose of Gutters

While many homeowners do not give any thought to the guttering on their home, it does serve a useful purpose. The function of gutters is to collect and divert the rainwater that falls on the roof of a building.  The diversion of water protects a Building’s foundation as well as reducing the erosion. This diversion of the water helps to prevent leaks in foundations, basements and crawl spaces, protects painted or stained surfaces by reducing exposure to water, keeps mud off the sides/siding.

Maintenance of Gutters

To keep gutters working at optimum level, it is important to clean out any and all accumulated debris that may be blocking the proper flow of water in the gutters and preventing the water from running into the downspouts.  Backed up gutters and clogged downspouts can cause costly repairs to foundations, basements, crawl spaces, landscaping, fascia boards, soffits and interior rooms.   
Gutter Cleaning
Debris Filled Gutters & Clogged downspouts can cause the following:
  • In dry conditions be a fire hazard
  • Breeding ground for mosquito’s, gnats & ants
  • Bird nests and even snakes find homes in debris filled gutters
  • Can hold water thus causing gutters to pull away from house
  • Very terrible smells/odors